Being involved in the methodist church, charismatic circles, Word of Faith movements were foundational in my understanding of Christian theology in that it gave me different angles and starting points to build from. Having an incurable disease that stole almost everything away from me challenged all those systems of thought to reveal what was lacking.

Flawed systems of thought can be tolerated by people with small problems, but people who are greatly struggling need better theology that magnifies and correctly identifies God’s grace. As my understanding of grace increased, so did the ushering of a new season that included restoration that many could not fathom. This is why I want to try my best to pen my thoughts down to help us modify what previous understanding of Christian Theology we have through the lens of biblical grace.

I have done so through the topic thoughts below, on what I discovered biblically and experientially, on what posture we should have facing God as well as facing the world through the lens of the redemptive power of finished works of Christ.

Topic Thoughts:

On the Uniqueness of Jesus: Why no one could have imagined Him.

On the Gospel – the solid foundation for salvation.

On Supply, Purpose and then Service being big indicators you got the “Correct” Theology

On Biblical Grace.

On Divine Blessing through Grace Part 1: (Vs Worldly blessings, and learning from Jesus.)

On Divine Blessing through Grace Part 2: (learning from the two greatest apostles, John and Paul.) 

On Theodicy. (How can be a good, loving and powerful God if there is so much evil?) Part 1

On Rejection.

On Atheism.

On the Kingdom of Heaven.

On 4 thoughts regarding potential problems listening to a Charismatic Word of Faith preacher again after 20 years.

On The Real Key to Miracles Part 1: When healing sessions, prayers, trying to elevate your faith, claiming bible verses over your life and anything doesn’t work. Don’t make it about you, make it about God. Grace is attracted to humility and God’s power is made perfect to your weakness.

On The Real Key to Miracles Part 2:

On why God rarely answers the prayers the way we want, but instead, over-answers the prayer in our heart.


Story Thoughts:
Introductions 1: Welcome to my Nightmare.
Introductions 2: Real Grace. The Great Erase and Replace.
Introductions 3: Perplexing Players. Perfectly-placed Props.
Grace is Key – God is not mad at you. He loves you.
Suffering is but the starting point of Redemption
The Crownless again shall be King
Work through your Abyss with Jesus (Part 1): Keep Your Eye on Jesus to escape the Abyss to the New Country.
Work through your Abyss with Jesus (Part 2): Your LOOK at God triggers God’s LOOK on you.
Work through your Abyss with Jesus (Part 3): Real Progress requires Divinely Inspired Fundamental changes.
Work through your Abyss with Jesus (Part 4): The journey starts with the LOOK followed by the WALK through DOORS.
Work through your Abyss with Jesus (Part 5): God uses your service in the natural and makes them supernatural.