letters to a modern-day Job

Finding redemption in Christ when the world has collapsed around you.

My friend, Letters to a Modern-day Job is a book I’m writing – it’s a modern testimony of unbelievable loss and unexpected redemption in Christ. It’s my real-life story that unpacks wrestling with existential hopelessness, impending death that no one realized, much loss and the Grace that changed everything. It is my sincere hope to bring the Bible alive in ways not seen before so that you too can find strength and courage going through your own Abyss.
Oh! I’m in the midst of writing my book…  What would really mean a lot to me is if you could can you follow my blog through e-mail? It would help a lot in getting the word out as I create the book. Your support is much precious then you know.
Love in Christ, Ken



A Very Informal Introduction

Just a quick introduction why I'm committed to this project. God bless!
Book Chapters

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