The Gospel embedded in Chinese Characters

Many skeptics, including myself, used to scoff at the Tower of Babel. And yet I can’t deny that it’s actually the best theory out there of why ancient languages had common theology and history even when nations couldn’t communicate with each other. The Bible is in Hebrew and Greek, so very different from Chinese. If people were evolved randomly over millions of years, it is not intuitive that separated cultures that couldn’t communicate would precisely have the same precision of “mythology” of Noah’s ark, or that the same “idea” that righteousness comes with sacrifice. This is not intuitive at all. The odds are astounding. … More The Gospel embedded in Chinese Characters

From Curses to Cupcakes – A Valentine’s Day story.

I spend years alone on Valentine’s Day wondering “who could love someone like me?”, while looking at how decades of an autoimmune disease ravaged my body, my career, relationships and mind. Doctors, charismatic prayer meetings, yoga and supplements were hardly enough to stop the decline. This post is to testify how God’s love changed everything and … More From Curses to Cupcakes – A Valentine’s Day story.

Vlog: The power to forgiving the unforgivable #notcenteredaroundyou

A guy that you were supposed to marry cheats on you and leaves. A colleague at work that is purposefully trying to sabotage you at work. Parents that made you feel so unloved because of their own shortcomings. How do we forgive that? Ken lists out 3 spiritual truths to get us to the next level.

There is great hurt because these people stole something from you. They stole from you a big building block to build your life around or a promise of happiness. They stole your future happiness! … More Vlog: The power to forgiving the unforgivable #notcenteredaroundyou

Vlog: Stand strong, God sings over you. #moveoverBrunoMars

When people like Bruno Mars, Katy Perry sings, we get a sugar high, like eating a bunch full of tic tacs.  And, like the anti-Mentos, “it doesn’t satisfies.”

But when God sings over you, it transforms because He speaks the past, present and future into existence, with your destiny forged through Jesus Christ.  … More Vlog: Stand strong, God sings over you. #moveoverBrunoMars

Dear Prisoners of Hopelessness …

I have many stories of devastation that will make anyone cringe. But I also have literally dozens of non-trivial stories that tell of God’s goodness. These were the ones that were either stepping stones – helping me believe God really does exist, He’s there, and He loves me enough to help and change me. Or the ones that were so dark and painful – these provide the contrast that set up just how redemptive the God-story lines were. … More Dear Prisoners of Hopelessness …

How I helped my Biology Teacher believe in Miracles

Fish was the topic I had a very superficial understanding of, and in an essay question, you cannot hide your ignorance. I felt my soul being crushed at that moment. If I flunk one whole essay question, you’ll never get an A. At that moment, I looked carefully at the question, it was on the mechanics of fishes – how they move, how they swim and what makes them efficient. All of a sudden, I got a solid idea (or perhaps a desperate idea), and I knew this idea came from God because almost nobody else that I asked after the exam did the same thing as I did. … More How I helped my Biology Teacher believe in Miracles

Christmas – my season of disgust (aka my Empire Strikes Back) (Part 1)

Jesus was not born into a utopia, he was born into a world full of grime and chaos. He was like a golden nugget of truth in a dank dirt-filled mine. At Christmas, God finally revealed a truth from deep within His heart. This revelation completed the puzzle-box of revealing what his love looks like and our place in this cosmic story. Like a diamond created under centuries of grime, darkness, and pressure – please also allow me to go past the superficial and share with you something deep from within mine (pun intended)? … More Christmas – my season of disgust (aka my Empire Strikes Back) (Part 1)