Letters: A Quick Introduction

Letter: Have you ever … been inside an Abyss?

Letter: Visions at the Ocean’s Bottom.

Letter: Walking the Ocean (where feet may fail)

Letter: Choosing friends.

Letter X: Know your part and own it. Claim God’s part and trust it.

Old Letters

Don’t underestimate the heart of a Champion

Work through your Abyss with Jesus

The Crownless again shall be King

Don’t be afraid to do the beautiful New, as New Things do

What do you do when surrounded by Dark Storms?

Doubt. Doubt. Let it all out. These are things I can do without.

Dissonant Beauty in Orchids

Vincent: Beauty for Madness

Millennials and the Elephant in the Room (Part 1)

Millennials and the Elephant in the Room (Part 2) – Pilate and Jesus

My Response to Atheist Michael Shermer about the Problem of Evil – He liked it

Love is not want you need or what you want