Book v1

In the midst of writing a revised version due end 2018.

I leave my words collage and old drafts for reference.

Summarizing my journey through a chronological collage of words.

1990. Young. Hopeful. Chronic. Eczema. Top grades. Sports. Champion. Gave life to Jesus.
Preacher. Worshiper. Musician. College. Engineer. Heartbreak. Betrayal. Liberal attacks on faith.
2000. Eczema rolling downhill. Reason cannot be found. Doctors miffed. Superficial friends skeptical. Career short-lived. Misunderstood.
2007. Forced home. The sun burns. Body . Unable to go to church. Left in the lurch. Lost relationships.
Existential challenge. 7 year decline. 2 year Abyss. Bedroom. Prisoner.
2008. 70% covered with sores. Smelled like death. Warded in hospital. God spoke. I see my future.
Saw a Jesus I never knew before. Starting of new revelation of Grace.
Casting myself to Grace every day. Starting over. Redefining myself.
2009. Stock market trader. Seminary. Developing doubles in Grace and Apologetics.
Faith and Wisdom. Disregarding human wisdom and convention. Small trickles of favor. Eczema marginally better.
Beat stock market as a newb. It is God.
2015. New diet found me. New routine found me. Eczema’s decline decelerating. Apprehensively back into job market. Challenging. Painful travel. Many sick days. More revelation of Grace.  Big breakthrough as a financial analyst.
Quant model found me. New friendships. Miraculous job opportunities found me. Beating eczema. Able to go out. Able to go gym. Able to do well at work. Able to write this book. And most importantly … I meet you today.


Setting the stage
Introductions 1: Welcome to my Nightmare.
Introductions 2: Real Grace. The Great Erase and Replace.
Introductions 3: Perplexing Players. Perfectly-placed Props.
Revelations in the Abyss
Grace is Key – God is not mad at you. He loves you.
Grace is a person. The person doesn’t ‘teach’, He saves.
Grace transforms your destiny.
Grace connects you to victory.
Letters to other Modern-Day Jobs
Suffering is but the starting point of Redemption
The Crownless again shall be King
Work through your Abyss with Jesus (Part 1): Keep Your Eye on Jesus to escape the Abyss to the New Country.
Work through your Abyss with Jesus (Part 2): Your LOOK at God triggers God’s LOOK on you.
Work through your Abyss with Jesus (Part 3): Real Progress requires Divinely Inspired Fundamental changes.
Work through your Abyss with Jesus (Part 4): The journey starts with the LOOK followed by the WALK through DOORS.
Work through your Abyss with Jesus (Part 5): God uses your service in the natural and makes them supernatural.