Part 4: Rorschach

As they say, a heart full of scars is a life full of impactful stories. Life is infinitely richer because what others perceive as mundane can trigger any one of those stories. But our hope is that instead of the scars turning our soul dark and inward-looking, that God can arrange those scars to be perfectly in the right place that it actually makes the heart stronger and souls richer. Those stories are now tools for you to heal others, and not reasons for bitterness or unforgiveness. … More Part 4: Rorschach

Part 3: Abyss

This Abyss, the place of being forgotten, is also the exact place I would find a priceless treasure. What the enemy intended for evil, God can turn it to your good. WIth God, destroyed foundations can be rebuilt into something bigger, better and can withstand the tests of time. … More Part 3: Abyss

Part 2: Pariah.

Many days, when I would see my disfigured face in the mirror, I contemplated smashing the reflection that reminded me how far I had fallen. And when I realized all I was good for was wasting thousands of dollars of my parent’s money for futile medical treatments, I wanted to take the broken shards and end it all. A slice on the neck or wrist, I would imagine. … More Part 2: Pariah.

What “Seeking God’s Kingdom” looks like to an 8-year-old (and last lights before the Abyss) Part 1

After a couple minutes, I remembered that great sorrow in my heart slowly morphed into feeling strangely warmed. I had never felt that feeling before… and even in the future that feeling only came in rare circumstances. Although I was attending Sunday School and Chapel services, that was the day I realized the extent of what God meant to me. … More What “Seeking God’s Kingdom” looks like to an 8-year-old (and last lights before the Abyss) Part 1