Interview with Son of Hamas – Mosab Hassan Yousef

“This is going back to hate and love. This is how the human language cannot convey such a truth. If you don’t see what between the lines, the meaning of the words… I hate my father as an ego, spiritual ego, ego mind, falsehood; but I love him as an individual, a human being struggling in darkness and in delusion… if we need to experience freedom, we have to drop our attachments… trying to please everybody. This is how we get lost as individuals, by trying to impress and trying to convince others of a false identity that is not who we are. We need to be truthful to who we are, to see the divine from within, to see Christ within. And family, society, security … all these things secondary. What’s the point of winning the society and losing ourselves? ” … More Interview with Son of Hamas – Mosab Hassan Yousef