About the book: 

Take a person who lived in an urban city from the 21st century, that went through Job-like afflictions, a physicist, a financial analyst, a market psychologist, a theologian, a philosopher and wanderer who had to disregard conventional wisdom to be changed by Grace.

An experience like none other. A decade long decline in health, career, relationships and mental faculties. 2 years of being almost totally shut in room, with 70% of his body covered in what seemed like 2nd degree burns, unable to go out without being burnt intensely by outdoor climate and allergies. A church that rejected him. A unwilling gradual transition to a social pariah. With no career, a diminishing future, a diminishing hope. It was in this 2 years that Ken had to wrestle with God everyday – almost challenging , redefining and forgeting all the “churcheology”, philosophies,  past victories, past hurts and the impossibilities in front of him.

To the world, Ken’s recovery didn’t make total sense. It was not with new medical treatment, or the latest drug – baffling doctors. It was also not because of placebo effects or positive thinking – baffling the psychologists. The recovery was not with “doing the right Christian-y things”, getting prayed for by a “prophet”, or praying together and worshipping corporately (how could I? I could hardly go out) – baffling some Christians. It was rediscovering Jesus and His Grace… in the isolation of my bedroom prison. My body was trapped, but Jesus took my imagination to places. His grace baptized my imagination, before it’s effects slowly invaded real life. Like the movie Matrix, what happened in the spiritual realm effected the physical.

May this comfort each and every person out there. My restoration didn’t come “doing a series of things” or trying to fulfill the expectations of the world or even the church. Even if you are totally unable, physically or even emotionally, to do “healthy” things like go to church or build a family around you. Or even if your financial situation is crippling you. Jesus himself can help you when no one can – even if you are locked up in “prison”, double bent in pain, totally forgotten and the world not giving you any hope..

Put all these into a blender. Hopefully we get a grace-filled, heart-stretching, intellectually-satisfying smoothie that not only nourishes the troubled heart and soul, but also expands the paradigms of who God is in light of the fallen world we live in and the limitations of our self-consciousness.

Letters to a modern-day Job is the real life cumulative reflections in a progressive journey of redemption. It reflects the experiences of a modern day believer, undergoing Redemption: which is the turning from capitulation to divine promotion in the hands of a loving God. Both capitulation and promotion are two sides of the same coin, which a loving, all-knowing and powerful God can and will turn for you. We extract the essence of the book of Job, and correctly unpack elements of the New Covenant of Grace in Jesus. Our hope is that along with exploring how to make sense of the pain process within the modern contexts of post-modernism and philosophies, the journeyman who reads might get a chance to God in action and and to be encouraged that there is beauty to be had and seen, in the journey as well as in the outcome.

About the author:

An arduous fight with an incurable autoimmune problem left him incarcerated at home for a few years, costing him his career, friends, health and relationships despite trying his best to be an authentic Christian. Being driven to the brink of dissonance, he grappled with the philosophical and existential questions like “if God, why evil?” The redemptive journey with God was more than just a physical healing, it was an all-encompassing blessing in the midst of storms . Today he stands greatly on the verge of restoration that has left many baffled, disturbed and encouraged,  God’s hand on his life is undeniable. His heart to reveal God’s transformative Grace and share his journey with other modern day Jobs. HIS HEART is to 1) Unveil Christ to magnify transformative grace to unlock redemption. 2) Find the beauty and meaning in the journey through the  darkness of the Abyss. 3) Share real life experiences of the promises of God interacting with unyielding despair. 4) Uncover the gems within the process of suffering and redemption, and to remind us they have a bright future, even if the machine of the world is crushing you.

In 2015, Kenneth Koh was a financial investment analyst with published reports in the realms of fundamental equity analysis, advanced technical analysis, sentiment and quantitative analysis, and is in the midst of finishing an Masters of Biblical Studies (Veritas Seminary). He graduated with an M.Eng (ORIE) and B.Sc (ChemE) from Cornell University. As part of his unpredictable journey of redemption, God helped him catch the bottom of the 2009 economic crisis as a newbie trader with no professional exposure, while being incarcerated at home – again showing that what is impossible with man is possible with God.

At present, after finishing a stint in Veritas Seminary, he is applying himself as a Operations Research,Business and Analytics analyst to improve overall business efficiencies in a Radiology Network in Nashville.

Concurrently, on the financial side, he is working on a Quantitative financial model that predicts major tops and bottoms in silver and is the founder of a Quantitative Market Timing thinktank called QuantZombie.com. On the ministry side, he is writing a book, almost 10 years in the making called “Letters to a modern day Job”.

He is excited how God is going to use all of these skills, inspirations and opportunities and multiply them into something bigger in this world.

None of these career possibilities existed 2 years ago, Ken was neither qualified with the right skill sets as well. It’s amazing what God can do in a short amount of time.  Ken is extremely thankful.

When no one is looking, he likes to play the guitar and drop a few bars.

Ken 1

Contact him at: letterstoamoderndayjob@gmail.com

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