My Prayer for the US Election outcome.

The US elections are here, my prayer is for God to preserve the precious soul of the country. Why? I am not American, but I have spent 12 years living in America in three blocks of 3 to 4 years. While I was in grade school in California, then university in New York, and then working as a business analyst in Nashville. I spent the rest of my life in Asia. Because of this, I realized many things about America that some Americans don’t realize because they have always stayed in America and hence don’t realize what they have because they have nothing to compare it with. There is a spirit in America that is intangible but very real. … More My Prayer for the US Election outcome.

Easter. Hope’s Patient Zero.

As a skeptic, you can either think the success of Christianity was the biggest fluke in history that hacked human nature in unreplicatable ways, or wonder, what exactly happened that Easter day?

It’s either the greatest message of hope for a dark world, that the God of all creation came personally to show us how much he loved us, to change us to who we were meant to be and make certain our heavenly citizenship; or it is the greatest mystery to be solved because it made hopelessly selfish and vulnerable men do oddly selfless things. And, this “strange” condition will still be around even after Covid19 dies out. Either one is wondrous to behold. … More Easter. Hope’s Patient Zero.

Ethiopian Immigrant’s Prayer Goes Viral

I love the simplicity of her prayer and the recognition that the real war is spiritual, not physical or political labels. It is also a Christian attitude to pray for your leader even if he is on the “wrong” side of politics. Whichever politics you fall under, always pray for your leaders even if you don’t agree. It is God that changes hearts, especially the hearts of kings. Men cannot. We see this when reading The Life of the Blessed Emperor Constantine by Eusebius Pamphilus. … More Ethiopian Immigrant’s Prayer Goes Viral