Ethiopian Immigrant’s Prayer Goes Viral

Ethiopian Immigrant’s Prayer Goes Viral: “Thank you for waking up our nation!”

I love the simplicity of her prayer and the recognition that the real war is spiritual, not physical or political labels. It is also a Christian attitude to pray for your leader even if he is on the “wrong” side of politics. Whichever politics you fall under, always pray for your leaders even if you don’t agree. It is God that changes hearts, especially the hearts of kings. Men cannot.

The modern Christian movement was accelerated by precisely that … when God moved the heart of a king.

According to The Life of the Blessed Emperor Constantine by Eusebius Pamphilus,

“Throughout its first three centuries, the church went through unimaginable persecution from the Roman Empire, though all the time growing and spreading. So imagine what an extraordinary turn of events it was when the Roman Emperor Constantine himself became a Christian.” Among other things, he renounced the evil acts of past emperors and outlawed infanticide, the abuse of slaves and peasants, and crucifixion, and he made Sunday a day of rest.

Within one person’s lifetime, the Empire went from the most savage of its several persecutions of Christians to embracing Christianity.”


It wasn’t the politics of men, it wasn’t rebellion, it wasn’t by convincing people through religious propaganda or media manipulation.

God himself spoke to Constantine during his period of need. This is not the first time God speaks to those who seem the most distant from him. How many ex-muslims who never heard a Christian sermon got introduced to Jesus through dreams?

Constantine wanted the help of a real God as he was going into war, and not the multitudes of fake gods the old kings believed in whose prophets would always tell them good things to appease a king’s ego, but would not be true.

Christ answered his prayer.

From Eusebius,

“In his sleep, the Christ of God appeared to him with the same sign which he had seen in the heavens, and commanded him to make a likeness of that sign which he had seen in the heavens, and to use it as a safeguard in all engagements with his enemies…

A long spear overlaid with gold with a transverse bar laid over it formed the figure of the cross. A wreath of gold and precious stones was fixed to the top with the symbol of the Savior’s name with in it – the first two [Greek] letters of Christ’s name, the rho being intersected by chi in its centre. [These two letters look like X and P.]”

This was a sign of Christ, the chi and rho is the “Chr” of Christ. Constantine ended up being taught by the church after this incident and widespread changes occurred.

The seat of the Roman Emperor went from selfish decorum that smashed any seat of rebellion to one that valued the poor.

” … He gave a great deal of money largely to those who were in need, even to non-Christians, who had no claim on him. Even the miserable, idle beggars in the forum he provided with money, food and good clothes.”

What God promised 2000 years ago in the Old Testament, He is still doing in this era.

“In the Lord’s hand the king’s heart is a stream of water that he channels toward all who please him.” – Proverbs 21:1

Let us do our part and pray God’s will into actualization.

God can turn headwinds into tailwinds, extract water from stone, and beat giants by a sling and rock. If God can turn the hearts of kings, how much more can He help your own situation?

God bless and have a great weekend!

Do you agree or disagree? Write your comments below.


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