Vincent: Beauty for Madness

The life of Vincent Van Gogh has always stuck a chord within me. I fear it’s because I have a little bit of him inside. He was a man of God, but had such great empathy and idealism that didn’t do well in the cold, cynical world. That same empathy that caused such vivid art was also the same empathy in which he tried to follow the convictions of what love was. That great empathy was likely met with greater disappointment. That ark of empathy seemed worn down by the deluge of the suffering around him. Some nights, especially the cold ones, I feel a little worn down by what I see in the world around me too. … More Vincent: Beauty for Madness

Doubt. Doubt. Let it all out. These are things I can do without. Part 2.

Doubt must be accompanied by darkness. But God doesn’t remove doubt. Instead, He re-routes it so that doubt can have it’s final purpose in making you the spiritual king and son that He wants you to be. And when God peels away the noise… the noise of our own flawed intuition… the noise of conventional wisdom… callous voices from naysayers… he can see out. And we will see greatness. A greatness in God, his Grace, and how this will forge greatness in you. It will be “so much more ” (Luke 12:28) than what we “think or imagine” (Eph 2:20) that the “things of this world will become strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.” The lion isn’t as loud anymore, the sun isn’t the brightest thing anymore, the ocean is small by comparison; we even start to measure time by a different dimension. … More Doubt. Doubt. Let it all out. These are things I can do without. Part 2.