Song Share: This Love – Jackson Finch

This Love, Jackson Finch.

In the night
when the air grows cold
and we’re caught in the season of an empty soul
hold on tight
to our sacred trust
to the love between us
and the promises that we’ve spoken
This love is stronger than any mountain
holding back the seas
Deeper than the ned in me
This is a love that knows no boundaries
compromise or greed
This love is a lifeline to you and me
We see the stars
come out across the sky
like the message to the lost ones
blinded by the night
We’ve come so far
there is no turning back
so take my heart and head now
for tomorrow we must travel

Click here to listen.

Jackson Finch Experience

Recently I have been receiving more emails by people who have been afflicted by illnesses that could not be properly diagnosed. They have been out of the job market for years, been trapped at home and they too didn’t know how to prevent their world from crumbling.

As I listen to their stories, my heart did break. I recall saying almost exactly the same thing 9 years ago. I was re-living the depths of the Abyss, characterized by  grasping hold of God’s incomplete promises while drowning in a certain “death” and how the world turned its back on me. The frustration they had because at one time they were charismatic and able-bodied. At one time they were very celebrated by many groups, including church. But now, they have been forgotten.

Hence, I decided to continue the Song Share Series. These were songs that kept me hanging on.

This particular one is so rare that you can’t even find this song on YouTube! It was written about 16 years ago. Today, the lyrics mean even more to me than before. Before, I had a hint of what God’s love looked like. I didn’t know the extent of what God’s love could do, I just knew that I wanted it especially because other forms of love in the world disappointed me. Today, God has proven faithful. What didn’t make sense at the time is now part of the tapestry that is pregnant with meaning.

There is a reason why this album was called “experience”. This particular song somehow captured a dimension of God’s love and saturated my soul with it.

My friend, take it in… His love. His love is stronger than any mountain… and its deeper than the need in you. The more of God’s love we take in during our moments of brokenness, the greater the final product of our heart and soul will be.

Please do take a listen, and tell me what you think. Write your comments on the bottom!



PS: I know I haven’t wrote about the practical aspects of my recovery from chronic eczema yet. I am focusing on the spiritual aspects first. Because the spiritual aspects will change all the dimensions of your life, not just the physical.



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