Vlog: Stand strong, God sings over you. #moveoverBrunoMars

I did another vlog, reminding us that God is proud of us and that is why He “exults over us in loud singing.” Zeph 3:17.

When people like Bruno Mars, Katy Perry sings, we get a sugar high, like eating a fist full of tic-tacs.  And, Snickers got it wrong too, “it doesn’t satisfy.”

But when God sings over you, it transforms because He speaks the past, present, and future into existence, with your destiny forged through Jesus Christ.

God does miracles and changes the hearts of man. Bruno makes me want to shake and groove in the shower. Guess who wins. I’ll break it down more in my short vlog.

20180203 KK zeph

Here’s the video FB link.

Every time you feel heavy under the weight of your own unworthiness, your own mistakes, and condemnation, remember that in Christ Jesus, you are a New Creation. The Old has gone and the New has come.

Christ came to “serve and not to be served.” Even when you have no voice or no heart to worship Him, He is singing over you.

Think about that. The master of the universe that puts everything in motion that has a good plan for your life is singing over you.

We sing over things that we are proud of.

God is proud of you. When He sees you, He sees Jesus.

God is proud of you because no matter what state you are in today, God sees your end from the beginning, and the end state is perfect. It is perfect because YOU are not the author or finisher of your faith. Jesus is the author and finisher of your faith. We fail, but He does not.

Now you know why God sings over you?

He sees your heart now, with all its imperfections. But because of Jesus, which you accepted, your identity has changed; and your destiny has changed.

If you do not let Him provide for you, you are not within God’s heart for you. You are selfishly imprinting your own limited expectations on him which were conditioned from a world that is selfish.

Let God be God, and let man be man.

God is enriched when He provides for you. We are enriched when we receive from Him and conform to His will for us.

Be of good cheer today. If this message encourages, be sure to leave a comment or feedback!


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