Can God still use us? Under Grace, Zombies can be prophets too. (A Modern Day Job Video)

Dear friends, 

I’m so excited about this post, because of the video I just did. (It’s a re-post because the previous left out some stuff!)

Do check out this video that’s linked to this post – “Can God use us even when we are messed up?” by your friendly neighborhood modern day Job. This is my first real Christian message video and would really appreciate your support on YouTube. This year is really my first for so many things. From being trapped in a basement for years to my first year as a business analyst, a fund consultant, writer, video-maker, speaker … I’m exceedingly thankful, but it’s easy to get lost.

So …

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This question will always be in our subconscious. It is inevitable. It’s because we are fallen. We had partaken of the tree of knowledge of good and evil that leads to feelings of condemnation, rather than the tree of life, which is what Grace is made of.

Does this question haunt you:

Can God still use us even when the world thinks we are messed up? Here’s a hint: Zombies can be prophets too.


Taking on this question is not as scary as that I consider this video my first real re-introduction to the world. I have to share what Jesus has done for me, as well as the washing machine type experiences that shaped my person today. This video is a follow through to my previous blog post: Zombies can be Prophets too.

Please do check it out, and leave a comment! I think I did a few ‘bars’ in this one.

God bless,


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