Dissonant beauty in Orchids (Vlog)

I’m not a flower person, but even these arrested me for a few seconds. So I did a 2 Vlogs about them here.

https://youtu.be/GJ6nCRpSCsQ and https://youtu.be/tEYyfA1DcwM

These orchids weren’t just pretty, they were even a little intrusive.


Offending. Leaves an impression. And that impression stays… and leaves behind a sense of wonder.

Why were they beautiful, I asked myself.

The words come out naturally, effortlessly.

Because the colors and shapes are a perfect combination of competing and also complementing each other. For some roundish curves, there are some straight angles. For every soft petal, there are the rigidity of the stems. For some shades of purple, there are some off-whites and a variation of shades.

Yet they have a semblance of symetry, which balances all these dimetrically opposed elements. This makes them beauitful. The orchid as a whole is stunning beyond all the chaos, even though there are so many reasons why it shouldn’t be. They are delicate. They need a narrow range of temperature and climate to survive. The orchid owner must take precision and care to love them for them to florish.

Isn’t this just like God?

In his loving hands, He orchestrates the dark and painful episodes in our lives together with the eventual good and fruitful to create meaning and purpose. It is the whole story of your life that is beautiful beyond measure, as God measures and balances all these events in your life.

Place your trust in Christ.

“In Him all things were created, and in Him all things are held together.” Col 1:17

Your dark days are temporary.

The world assumes evil means God is not present.  But this man was blind so that God’s glory can be seen.

Your orchid is in the making.

“His disciples asked Him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” 3Jesus answered, “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but this happened that the works of God would be displayed in him.John 9:2-3

Remember that all things work together for the good for those who love Him and work according to His purpose (Rom 8:28)

“Good” things (complement) and “bad” things (compete) are used by God to create your masterful destiny in Him. Without Him, these things are just chaos. With Him, it’s a masterpiece.

That’s the Jesus we have.

Our righteousness in Christ is the fundamental basis for all these promises to take root.

Root. Orchids. Plants. Get it. Haha.







2 thoughts on “Dissonant beauty in Orchids (Vlog)

  1. I use to grow orchids in Singapore. Vandas and dendrobiums are the main forms. The stems are ugly, but the sprays of flowers are beautiful. So your article brings together this anomaly in a beautiful analogy of our life. I am reminded of the hymn “Let the beauty of Christ be seen in me….” How apt!


  2. My mum used to grow orchids at home so this brings to mind those lovely flowers.

    Sometimes … the ‘temporary’ dark days seem like eternity.. and faith grows faint.. yet we take heart that our hope is based on a solid foundation!

    Yes, my orchid is in the making.
    Thanks for yet another encouraging post and beautiful illustration.


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