London Bridge Terror Attack days after Ariana Grande’s concert bomb attack – what they are not telling you.

I’m fed up. Here’s my rendition of that nursery rhyme:

London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down.
London Bridge is falling down, my fair lady.
The lady’s fair but what’s going on is nothing fair.
An evil ideology and propaganda shrouding the real problem there.


Just got word of the London Bridge Islamic Terrorist attack. 7 killed. 42 injured. 21 of those injured in critical condition. Attacks drove trucks into people and used knives. This just days, DAYS, after the terrorist attack at Ariana Grande’s concert. This time it was a bomb. 22 dead. They were children.


ISIS claimed responsibility.

Hey Ariana, is this a “Problem” enough for you?

Even crazier is that David Wood said the frequency of attacks would increase in Ramadan.

He was so right and it wasn’t even a guess. He just based it on logic, verses found in the Koran, and the statistical evidence of terror attacks globally during said period.


I’ve had enough. Too many “terrorist” attacks that follow a certain specific “ideology” in a month. Too many unjustified deaths. Why are we so silent? I want to be silent, but I can’t today. Take it from the ultimate Islamic Palestinian terror insider himself, Mosab Hassan Yousef, the Son of Hamas himself  “The truth is we are afraid, and we are trying not to provoke them more, but there has been a religious war whether you like it or not.” This is just my very small part in this fight. I just want to point out a few things that may help us see things differently. Many of us are living in the comforts of our own presuppositions and we should learn to challenge them in order to see reality in greater detail. You might think it doesn’t affect you today. But it will tomorrow. And secondly, being unable to challenge your presuppositions is also a big reason why you’re having a lot of arguments with your wife and colleagues too, hence doing this exercise is worthwhile anyway.

The London mayor, Sadiq Khan, condemned the “barbaric” and “horrific” attack as “deliberate and cowardly”. For those who keep saying these people are “cowardly”, I just want you to reflect on something. These people think YOU are the ones who are cowardly. Because you don’t have the courage and “intelligence” to follow their religion, and that they are the ones willing to give up their lives for their unjustified belief. They think you are cowardly because they think you live solely for your superficial wants, and have no higher calling. You calling them cowardly probably encourages them, because you keep using words to call them cowardly and not engage why they are doing it in the first place. If they say they are doing it “for Allah”, the best response is not a virtue signal, the best response would be to challenge them back “how do you know Allah wants this?”, “How do you know Allah is who you think He is?”. “Does this Allah really exist?” Imagine you are black. The racist person believes you are an animal and treats you like a slave. The correct response is not to say, “oh, you’re a meanie or a coward”. The correct response is to convince that person, or the people and authorities that be around him the reasons why you are not an animal and that he is by extension ignorant and dumb. But this has to be based on logical, philosophical consistent reasons, not emotional presuppositions.

Something else to think about? What if Khan actually knows this and is still being obtuse on purpose? Then there is much more to this than a natural small group of extremists. In the excellent video below, Khan makes quite disturbing statements. He says that more police is needed because of terrorism. That would be like trying to stop the Titanic from sinking using a ton of silly putty. The terrorists are willing to die to kill in the name of Allah. The carnage will still be there despite the impractical notion of a policeman on every corner. But Khan is too eloquent to not know this.

Then he says that “being prepared for terror attacks is ‘part and parcel’ of living in a major city. Have we stooped this low? Being prepared for terror is prudent. But shrouding how you got to this point is callous. The statistics are staring him in the face. Tokyo, with a population of 9 million, is unscathed by these terrorist attacks. Tokyo also imitates the west and has the same type of “sins” the ideology hates in the form of sex, fashion and media. Japan has also their fair share of world’s atrocities by conquering, pillaging large parts of South-east Asia during World War 2. This pillaging includes Muslim countries like Malaysia. Yet, why are there almost zero attacks there? Isn’t it just too convenient an answer that Japan rejects more than 99% of refugee applications?

So being prepared for terror attacks is NOT part and parcel of living in a major city, it’s part and parcel of YOUR city because of the elevated numbers of certain types of people there and the large attempt to not discuss the ideology. But Khan already knows this. Think about that please.


The prime minister said “they are bound together by the single evil ideology of Islamist extremism that preaches hatred”. But do you know that some don’t think their actions are hateful. “Extremist” Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar said at a speech at the Husseini Islamic Center in Orlando in 2013 that “gays should be killed out of compassion”. That’s right. Killing people their ideology says are vile are doing the victims a favor. What a mind screw. When they see that people think their actions are “hateful” when in actuality they have a self-righteous compassion as a motive, it reinforces how dumb they think you are. Think about that please.

Here’s another obtuse line of liberal thought that is totally off the mark. After the bomb blast at Ariana Grande’s concert, Sophie Clune, 19, and her boyfriend shared: 

It’s scary being here today, but you can’t stop someone doing something because it’s scary. By not going, you are letting them win,” Sophie tells PEOPLE. “They are wanting to create that sort of division, and Manchester is not about that. Manchester is about getting everyone together.”

Here’s another mind screw. The ideologists are not trying to cause division. In their minds, you are already divided. You are divided from what they consider is the collective good. They are trying to unite everyone to themselves. They are quite like the Borg in that regard, except much more emotional and talkative. Either they convince you, or they force you to their line of thinking. This has been the modus operandi for centuries of this type of ideologies. It’s hardly a secret.

The liberal media (CNN) promotes the idea that terrorism is caused by poor people / groups who are uneducated and have a chip on their shoulder. Yet in Poverty, Political Freedom, and the Roots of Terrorism (NBER Working Paper No. 10859) Alberto Abadie explores this link in greater detail and finds that the risk of terrorism is not significantly higher for poorer countries, once other country-specific characteristics are considered. Furthermore, if you consider all the media reported terror attacks in the US and UK in the last 1 year, majority of the attacks are from professionals like engineers / doctors or college students, not homeless bums. Perhaps the problem is not about angry people, it’s about ideology. It’s not about anger, it’s about worldview. It’s not about being uneducated, it’s about worldview. Think about that please.

So what do we do?

The first thing NOT to do is this. Do not virtue signal and say things like, “I think that the greatest thing that we can do now is just unite as people”. Yes. I’m looking at you Katy Perry. That statement is useless and vapid. You keep telling people that people have to “be true to yourself” and “avoid negative people”. That’s a total contradiction. These people have a worldview that you deserve to die, and we should united with them? You don’t even hang out with your ex-boyfriends or Taylor Swift. You said it just to be more popular with your fans, and you hope to draw more fans from other ideological bents to you. You aren’t fooling anyone.

Katy Perry

These terrorists are feeding and hoping you will remain in your bubble so they can continue their ideology in the dark. They continue unchallenged in their ideology, and you make more money through headlines. Bravo Katy.

Instead, perhaps it’s time we all make efforts to learn what exactly is in their version of ideology and how/why their leaders interpret that ideology so we can challenge it to prevent future would-be terrorists. Where should we start? Let’s ask the question why an Islamic State group propaganda outlet would send out an encrypted message to “Gain benefit from Ramadan” and “kill the civilians of the Crusaders. Run over them with vehicles.”

Handgun Knife Truck

Then ask how is it they even think innocent people with no direct links with the “crusaders” are fair game to be killed. Because we can even appreciate this thought, do we even know the context of the Crusades? Or do we simply say Crusades are bad and not think any more about it like sheep? I am not justifying the behavior of the Crusaders but

the Crusades can only properly be understood in terms of the 500 years of Muslim advance into the West that preceded them. Muhammad was born in A.D. 570 Mecca in present-day Saudi, Arabia. In 630 he led an army of 30,000 to conquer Mecca. By 711 Muslims took Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Jerusalem. By 732 they had invaded Spain and were turned back at Tours, France by Charles Martel. In 846 they attacked outlying areas of Rome. By the end of the 9th century Muslim pirates had established havens all along the Mediterranean coast, threatening commerce, communication, and pilgrim traffic for the next century. They controlled some 2/3 of Christendom. As a result, many Christians and Jews were enduring persecution at Muslim hands.” Norman Geisler, THE CRUSADES: WERE THEY JUSTIFIED? (2015)

Even many ex-muslims admit they can understand why the crusades occurred as a response.

Logic can be quite twisted, it seems.

We are all kings without crowns, but being one step closer to that crown is exiting Plato’s cave. You can get much further in finance, religion, politics and LIFE if you can figure out who is truly in that cave and who is closer to getting out of it. Can we truly be out of the cave? Theorectically, maybe not; but being fully aware that you are in the cave and that “conveniently fed” information should be doubted is a great start.

For those who think THESE people are stupid for doing such things, have you given it much thought yourself? Perhaps you might be the ones underestimating the ideology itself. These people probably spent more time thinking about the nature of reality itself, but it’s this ideology that is subversive enough in theory and politics to shape them. Remember, many terrorist are professionals, not uneducated. Listen to ALL sides of an argument. There are many books and content providers on YouTube, you can easily learn from the people who are for and against this movement. I repeat, especially when figuring things out in religion, politics and finance, always read sources with different points of view, from people of opposite bias. Once you come to a conclusion, talk about it, and don’t be too afraid to be PC. I have heard many people who said they might have become “extremists” had they not been exposed to some facts/discussions earlier on. You can’t win an ideological war with guns and helicopters.

As a final thought I want to say, lest I be misunderstood, that I have muslim friends and think highly of some of them. Muslims are humans and we are all on the same journey to find truth and meaning in life. My issue is ignorance of ideology. If an ideology is good but is “being perverted”, lets find out what’s in the original ideology and find out exactly how it is being perverted and have discussions and debates – instead of virtue-signalling and sticking our heads in our presuppositional sands. If they convince you that their worldview is best, you become them and they don’t kill you. If you convince them that another worldview is best, they also don’t kill you. It’s a win-win.

A few years ago, I spoke of statistics on terror attacks; and my ultra liberal friend said I was using hate speech. Here’s a mind screw for you. Perhaps you are the one hateful. By shutting down my free speech you encourage those with violent ideologies that take advantage of your echo chamber to continue what they are doing… killing innocent people. For me, I am not asking for these to be killed, but to do the Christian thing (not the crusade thing) – convince them there is a better way and a better Truth.

My friend recently opined something more eloquent than I could and so I find it apt to copy it here: ”

Over the past several months, starting from the last Trump presidential campaign. I seem to see more and more media outlets turn into propaganda machines – they have gone from taking two sides of the same story to repeating just one. The use of language and that when the same message is repeated again and again by multiple outlets – people stop fact checking, stop seeing an issue from another angle – and believe that is absolute truth. By influencing people to downplay contrary viewpoints and ignore contradictory information, people herd. This is the modern day illusion of freedom.

But what is the end goal of all this? In recent history, propaganda precedes war. Hitler did it. Kim Jong Un is doing it. What is next? Honestly, I do not know.”

This is why checking our presuppositions are important. Finding our way out of Plato’s cave and encouraging others to do so is important – not the postmodern view that all caves are great and equal – even the cave that views you as cannon fodder. Sympathy and well-wishes will not solve these types of problems, rather, a honest pursuit of Truth and to encourage free speech and discourse – in love.

Then perhaps we can have a true unity, and not a temporary one where evil ideologies are taking advantage of, waiting to strike.

The high profile Son of Hamas, Mosab Hassan Yousef, who left radical Islam said it best during his speech at the Jerusalem Post 2016: “The truth is we are afraid, and we are trying not to provoke them more, but there has been a religious war whether you like it or not. The better way is to face it, to grow up and to face it with courage. The problem is not in the individual. The problem is not with the muslim people… but I’m talking about the collective consciousness of nations and the cosmic consciousness of all humanity. The muslim people have a problem. Their problem is in their belief system, they have to face it and encourage them to fight the good fight as I did.”

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