From a Broken Leper Pariah to Stock Market Ninja. A tale of a 30% upside stock market recommendation nested inside a Christian testimony.

Prologue: I wrote this stock recommendation recently, and I realized that I couldn’t help but include my testimony for that is the reason why I am and can do the things I am doing today. Hence, I decided to paste it below. Be encouraged. God can restore all parts of your life – your health, your career and love-life. I’m waiting patiently for the love-life though. Ha!

This point in my life is a far cry from where I used to be. I went from being called a broken leper pariah (an incurable disease that took away my career – earning just enough to pay for my myriads of medicines and isolated from society), to a charismatic stock market ninja.



Lee Metal Group Ltd, 30% upside – by the QuantZombie team (and a short testimony)

Hi there.

I’m wondering how write this post because I don’t write financial posts too often so pardon it’s brevity or lack of eloquence. But I realize it’s an extension of God’s grace to me. So here goes.

Our last report on AVI-tech (AVISC.SG) written in Jan 2017 has moved 50%+ since. We wrote it before it was formally covered by other analysts. I wrote another one just 4 days ago and would like to share it here. Lee metal (593.SI – Yahoo Finance Singapore) is also not formally covered by another analysts yet.—Cash-rich-bottoming-earnings-possible-30-upside

This is also my way of helping out my community. If it helps, please take me out to coffee when I’m back in town. It’s lonely developing as a business data analyst / operations research while developing a fund simultaneously in a foreign land with no family. However, It does make for a priceless season of working on one’s self, reforming and embellishing a deeper, richer worldview, and a closer walk with God.

This a far cry from a broken body with a broken career – earning just enough to pay for my myriad of medicines. I went from being called a broken leper pariah, to a charismatic stock market ninja. Well, because I tend to wear black on certain days and my conversations with my broker goes like this …

Broker: (Quixotic-looking) Ken, why are you totally dressed in black today?
Ken: (tongue-in-cheek) Because I’m about to make a killing.
Broker: I’ll call you ninja from now on then.

I remember just how a couple years ago, I had to start all over again due to an auto-immune disease that took out my career and life. You lose just about everything when 70% of your body is covered with deep burn-like sores. You can’t go outdoors, you can’t concentrate on anything, you can’t develop contacts. It’s just you, yourself, a ton of dead skin cells, blood, intense physical and emotional pain and God. Multiple years. A decade. It’s was only in 2007 when I read about stocks for the first time ever. In the isolation of my room, I had a small pile of whatever finance books I could find and I would read and read. I can still remember when I first started professionally as a financial analyst at the late age of 37 just 4 years ago. Very few people would give me opportunities. From being a clueless newbie in 2007 that no one would hire (even for internship), I dabble in FA, TA, Sentiment analysis and Quant today.

How far we can go even with impossible odds? I still remember the faces of all the people that thought I wouldn’t make it. You can read about that journey here:

This report is a part of the fruits of this journey. I’ve made a big chunk from the markets. My eczema which was one of the worst in Singapore has been subsiding while decreasing medicine intake –  for the first time in more than 20 years. I would not be here today had not God healed me when doctors could not, told me I was worth more when the Church did not and gave Grace to my investment pursuits to restore a career that was dead. All in a relatively short amount of time.


This grace makes me want to add value to the world in the future, and to forgive the past.

Take good care of yourself!


“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” Phil 4:19


Disclaimer: This post is not an encouragement to invest or trade. It is for educational and for personal encouragement purposes only. Investing in the stock market is risky. Writing reports is part of my career, and I just want to share how I am able to do so when I couldn’t years ago. Do consult your own investment professional to decide what investments are suitable for you.

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