Going to David Wood vs Michael Shermer @ KSU, GA 10/10/2016 (Thoughts on the drive there)

Hey folks!

Went on an impromptu 4 hour drive. The drive may seem mundane to most people, especially in America, but I remembered the days that I wouldn’t go outdoors for more than 2 hours before the climate would “eat” into my flesh and I would be forced indoors.

I can’t describe how I felt to know I am going out at will.

Secondly, I was going to see a fellow journeyman in the faith/intellectual journey. I can’t describe how it felt to see in person the people who I could only connect with their the internet during my “imprisonment” days. It’s fitting that David also found God during his time in actual prison. Like me, David also has mental ‘impairments’ that made people misunderstand him in his earlier life. Somehow, God used all that for a ministry that’s unique and valuable.

Love that.

God can use all of the stones the world could not recognize to be a cornerstone.

Much love,


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